Android RecyclerView With Kotlin Example

Android RecyclerView With Kotlin Example

In this tutorial we will learn, How to Use Android RecyclerView With kotlin.To create complex lists and cards with material design styles in your apps, you can use the Android RecyclerView and CardView widgets.

The Android RecyclerView widget is a more advanced and flexible version of ListView. This widget is a container for displaying large data sets that can be scrolled very efficiently by maintaining a limited number of views. Use the RecyclerView widget when you have data collections whose elements change at runtime based on user action or network events.

How To Use Android RecyclerView With Kotlin?

Steps are given below.

Step 1.  Create  a new Android Studio project or File | New project 

Use Retrofit in Android With Kotlin

If you dont aware much with Kotlin Please refer Get Started with kotlin. For Basic of Kotlin refer post Basics of Kotlin and Kotlin Operators.

Get Started with kotlin android Kotlin is a new programming language from JetBrains, the maker of the world’s best IDEs. The Android team announced during Google I/O 2017 that Kotlin is now an official language to develop Android Apps.

Step 2. In build.gradle(Module:app) 

for use RecylerView you need to

Add inside Gradle Scripts -> build.gradle (Module: app) and inside dependencies add below line.

Step 3. activity_main.xml

layout file of main activity file. Add Recylerview To your activity layout file.

Step 4. MainActivity.kt

In your  activity, Create Adapter Object and set it to your RecylerView.

Step 5. ListAdapter.kt

Create Adapter for RecylerView that will be set

Step 6. list_layout.xml

create xml file for list item.


Android RecylerView With Kotlin

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