Android Productflavors in gradle Configure Build Variant

Android Productflavors in gradle Configure Build Variants

What is Productflavors? Productflavors is very good Feature of gradle system.Productflavors helps you to build variant Application. Each build variant represents a different version of your app that you can build. For example, you might want to build one version of your app that’s Bronze, with a limited set of content, and another Silver which is small paid version that includes more.Gold which contents full content and functionality, and You can also build different versions of your app that target different devices, based on API level or other device variations.…

Two Way DataBinding With Kotlin & Java In Android

Two Way Data Binding Android Teachers

In previous post, I’ve explained Data Binding With Kotlin & Data Binding with Fragment  that example of one way data binding. You bind model and view will display data as per model values but suppose your data changes frequently then Two Way DataBinding will help you to update views when data update. BaseObservable class will help  to update views as well. Let’s Take Example For Login Screen where we need to validate User id. – User id length 8 digit We have bind out Data Model or POJO class with XML…

kotlin Data Binding in Android

kotlin data binding

What is Data Binding? Data Binding is very good coding pattern for minimizing application we will learn kotlin data binding in android. it gives you a facility to communicates between your view and model. It keeps code clean and sort. Hello friends, in this tutorial I will explain Data binding android with kotlin. if you are new for kotlin then please refer post Get started with kotlin, Basics of Kotlin & Kotlin Operations Assume that you are aware of mobile development. let’s started with the tutorial Kotlin Data Binding in…

Adb connect device through WiFi in Android Studio – Android Teachers

Adb connect device through WiFi

How’s Adb connect device through WiFi? AndroidWiFiADB is Android Studio Plaugin which helps you to connect your device using WiFi connection via ADB.Good tools for Developer. Adb connect device through WiFi in Android Studio easy steps given How To install? First Way  Goto File>Settings>Plugins>Search ‘AndroidWiFiADB‘ and then install and update android studio OR download Zip from github then Goto File>Settings>Plugins> Install Plugins from disk> Browse zip then install then restart Android Studio.   How To Use? Now will find below icon on your plugin area. Connect your device throough USB…

AdMob performs undesired auto scrolling

AdMob performs undesired auto scrolling Hello guys.! I’ve solved AdMob performs undesired auto scrolling. I start use admob in my application in between list items list auto scroll when ads loads complete. Admob View called requestFocus()  when advertised load in it. Many of us are facing this problem, when ads load successfully it will call

My old layout was

My New Layout is now

it is working fine. testing with nexus 4 and Samsung galaxy s.also emulator api 23. Thanks & Regards Imtiyaz Khalani