Get Current location android with kotlin

LocationManager Kotlin

Current Location Android

In this tutorial we will learn, How to Get Current Location Android with Kotlin or how to use LocationManager to get location in Kotlin. Getting location steps are given below.

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Manage Fragment With Data Binding in Kotlin Android

Hello friends, In previous tutorial, I’ve explained how to use Data Binding with Kotlin.

In this Tutorial, I will explain how to Manage Fragment with Data Binding in Kotlin

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kotlin Data Binding in Android

kotlin data binding

What is Data Binding? Data Binding is very good coding pattern for minimizing application we will learn kotlin data binding in android. it gives you a facility to communicates between your view and model. It keeps code clean and sort. Hello friends, in this tutorial I will explain Data binding android with kotlin. if you … Read morekotlin Data Binding in Android

Kotlin Operators

Kotlin Operators Android Teachers

What are Kotlin Operators?

Kotlin Operators are special symbols or characters that carry out operations on operands (variables and values). For example, + is an operator that performs addition. Kotlin has a set of operators to perform arithmetic, assignment, comparison operators and more. You will learn Kotlin operators in this article.

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Basics of Kotlin

Basics of Kotlin Android Teachers

Basics Of Kotlin android like Variables, Class, Interface & Inheritance. How to declare class & variables and assignment of values to it. This is what we going to learn in this post. learn below terms in the context of Kotlin In Previous tutorial we have made sample application with android studio 3.0 you can check … Read moreBasics of Kotlin

Get Started with Kotlin on Android

Get Started with Kotlin on Android Teachers

Get Started with kotlin android Kotlin is a new programming language from JetBrains, the maker of the world’s best IDEs. The Android team announced during Google I/O 2017 that Kotlin is now an official language to develop Android Apps.

What Is Kotlin?

Statically typed programming language for modern multiplatform applications

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